Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My Backyard Wish List

There's nothing wrong with wanting more, is there? I don't think any of this will be a viable option until the water problem is cleared up, though. (Not to mention that little teensy-weensy financial problem, too, yeah?) This list is all very materialistic and trite, but it has just been in the back of my mind this Summer.

- Chain link fence; It would be so nice to play with Vincent outside within a fence. I really hate living on a main road.

- Some trees; Trees are nice. I would love to plant a couple pecan trees.

- Swing set; I have wonderful childhood memories of playing on a swing set. I long for my children to have similar memories. They were good ones.

- Sand box; I had SO much fun in my turtle sand box as a child! A bad memory with it was getting in it and being attacked by fire ants who had taken over--- It hadn't been played in for months when this happened. The memories are only vague, but I remember running into the house screaming and my mom pouring either peroxide or rubbing alcohol all over my legs.

- Patio/Porch; The back yard isn't readily accessible. We only have a side door. Patios (or porches) are awesome for entertaining and just walking outside to enjoy a little of the outdoors for moments at a time, which is often all I really need.

- Grill; Who doesn't like grilling? It is the heart of Summer, which currently has been mostly spent inside for my family. Our back yard is pretty bland. And floody. My step-dad makes some awesome steaks and grilled onions in a foil concoction. Delish!

- Furniture w/ shade; It gets SO hot here in South Carolina. We do need our shade if we're to spend any time outside.

- Shed; Our pushing lawn mower is currently being stored in our neighbor's shed. I'm so glad they allow us to keep it there, but it does suck to ask them for a key every time my husband decides to mow. It would just be nice in general to be a little more self sufficient.

- Garden patch; I dream of maintaining my own little vegetable garden! Squash, radish, collard greens, green beans, cucumber, tomato... these are all things I remember thoroughly enjoying from our garden growing up as a child. I would bite into a tomato straight off the plant!

- Flower beds; I would love to maintain flowers. They are easy on the eyes and I have such a creative spark for what I would like to do out there.

I can envision it,

but it just isn't there in


Someday, Hydro Mom.


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