Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Marlena Has Now Met 2 Hydro Friends

Today Marlena and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet another child with a shunt. This is a picture of Marley and her new friend, Kyleigh! Kyleigh was born prematurely and she had a severe brain bleed which led to her hydrocephalus. They tried to get away with just using a VAD (Ventricular Access Device, used to remove CSF manually with a needle,) but that pesky hydro ensued anyhow and Kyleigh had to get a shunt placed as well. Kyleigh and Marlena have the same neurosurgeon, Dr. McLanahan. This is the same surgeon who placed a shunt in a close friend of mine when she was an infant. She graduated with me and we're now in our mid 20's! I'd say he's been in the shunting business for quite a while. Thankfully, Kyleigh and her mommy only live about 20 minutes away. How awesome is it to have someone who fully understands life with shunted baby living so close!? Not that it's awesome to rely on a shunt or anything, because it certainly isn't!

Marlena met her first hydro friend at Duke Hospital during our visit for her second cord blood re-infusion. Michelle is so pleasant and her son is nothing short of amazing. Michelle just held Marley, stroking what little hair she had at the time while she snoozed and swayed back and forth while we chatted. It was an awesome visit, even though we weren't able to meet a few other families who we had planned to because everyone was sick! Hydro friends rock! And who better to become her first hydro friend than none other: The Amazing Owen! :)

P.S. Marley's next neurosurgery follow-up is Aug. 30th. I'm pretty nervous about what they'll have to say about the shape of her little noggin'! There will be no cosmetic chopping on my baby girl!!!

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