Saturday, July 30, 2011

August 2010

 August is a very significant month for me because of everything that happened during that month. It was a wonderful month and it was a scary month. I've had August on my mind because it's right around the corner and I've just been reminiscing about the events that took place then.

Our First House

We moved into our first ever bought house together in August. We are very proud of this accomplishment! 1900 sq ft, three rooms, two bathrooms to raise two children in.

August 1, 2010

We took our first family vacation to Myrtle Beach! We had SO much fun. We visited the aquarium, swam in the ocean, and browsed shops. We took walks on the pier and watched as fishermen caught all kinds of things including baby sharks and the awkward looking ribbon fish. I really enjoyed relaxing on the hotel balcony and feeling the sea breeze. I loved the view of the beautiful sea oats and palmetto trees. We had such a wonderful experience. Vincent had a great time, too. I'm sure Marlena was happy as could be, floating around in my tummy.

This is all of us together on our first family vacation.

August 6, 2010

My husband and I have been together for a long, long time. We met in an internet chat room when we were just fifteen and playfully had an "internet" relationship. He was from Michigan and I was living in South Carolina. We didn't take it seriously at all when it first started, but soon it blossomed into something very serious. We had Vincent in 2009. After we became pregnant with Marlena, we both decided it was time to make it official and get married on August 6, 2010. We had already been together for so long, we already felt married! So we made an appointment at the court house with no rings and tied the knot officially. Our "One Year Anniversary" is coming up. How special!

 August 20, 2010

This is the day my husband and I went for our fetal anatomy ultrasound. I had already had an ultrasound at around 11 weeks during my pregnancy because I felt so much anxiety that something wasn't right. The OB gave me a treat by letting me pop into the ultrasound room to see my little one's heart beat and punches and kicks. This reassured me everything was fine.

This was a very scary day. I remember going back out into the waiting room after the ultrasound was done and my husband and I had already blasted all over Facebook, "SHE'S A GIRL!" Then about 10 short minutes later, myself still completely oblivious that anything could be wrong at all, we were called back again and sat with the doctor. "Concerns." That word sticks out the most to me. "Should I be crying right now?" I remember asking that question before I fully understood the situation. "Level II ultrasound is needed, but it's Friday afternoon, so you probably can't be seen until Monday." I was hysterical at this point. Good thing everyone was at lunch by this point, because I was making a scene. "NO. I NEED TO BE SEEN T-O-D-A-Y." Thankfully, there was a cancellation and we made it there in time.

And so set forth the emotional basket case I became over the following months.

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