Thursday, May 26, 2011

I admit, I've been neglectful of posting.

I haven't made a blog post in so long!

Lately, I've been more worried about Vincent than Marlena. On Tues, April 19th, he started having eye tics. The tics lasted from morning to night, 24/7 for about a week. I took him to an eye doctor, his pediatrician, had blood work drawn, taken him to an allergist, and most recently, a neurologist. Since then, he's had two other episodes where the tics lasted 15-20 seconds in a short outburst, and another time, where they lasted for about 30 minutes. The last time I saw him tic was May 17th.

The neurologist thinks it's best to have an EEG done to rule out him having seizures. That really scares me. No medical professional mentioned before the neurologist threw out the word "seizure." She also had blood work drawn to check his strep levels, to make sure the tics aren't being strep induced, since he has had two strep infections somewhat recently. I was actually supposed to have those results back by today, so I am going to assume the results were normal since I didn't receive a phone call. I will call them tomorrow just to be sure.

I would be happy if the tics never return again. There are so many things that this could be causing them to happen, such as Tourette's Syndrome, ADD, PANDAS, etc. The list goes on and on.

Marlena is also having an EEG done because she kind of scared me a couple months ago with some shaking, but since then, everything has been going smooth as butter. Her next neurosurgery follow up is less than a week from now. I'm kind of nervous about that appointment, because we have to see her unfriendly neurosurgeon, and because of the possible need for another surgery.

Other than that, life has been great. I've seen several little ones who face the hydrocephalus battle enter this world over the last few months. They're all so beautiful and I know they will help make this world a better place. <3