Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Christening Preview

I'm so excited that Marlena now fits into her Christening gown.

After the c-section, I was only able to see Marlena for a few seconds before they took her away. Then, I had to lay in my hospital bed, quite out of it, for a long time. All I kept mumbling was, "I want to see my baby." I got a little upset in the operating room, so maybe they gave me something to calm me down. (Marlena didn't cry for what seemed like an eternity. Her "one minute mark" APGAR score was a four. She had to be resuscitated.) I do not remember being that drugged during the first c-section.

After I was moved to the recovery room, my family came to visit me. My mom then laid across me this beautiful gown for my brand new little girl. My mam-maw had a gift for Marlena. She made her a Christening gown, through the pain of her arthritic fingers and ailing back. Such true love.