Monday, June 6, 2011

A Hook and Some Yarn

Over the last few weeks, I have been dabbling in the art of crochet. I think I'm doing well with it and must remind myself that practice and patience will only make me better at it. I've already completed some really cute hats. They are so fun to make! I haven't really had a hobby that I've enjoyed for a while now. I guess a lot of my loss of interest stems from having two babies in diapers and being stuck inside while my husband works. In crochet, you loop yarn over, and over, and over again! With this new found love of crochet, I have been inspired to start a little online shop for the things I intend to create in the future, aptly named "Loop-de-Loop!"  My husband was sweet enough to make me a logo in PSP all from scratch! Our family really needs another form of income. We already can't afford to pay the bills we have on his income alone, so something has to change. Regardless of that, I have a very giving heart. I believe that we should use our skills to serve others, as the Bible tells us to. It just seems so second nature to me. So with this, I've also received an amazing amount of support and positive feedback for my idea of "Hats For Hydro," where I wish to give every new little one who is beginning their lives into the journey of hydrocephalus a hat that does them justice and keeps them warm. I've already made one, albeit slowly, and sent it off today. I've added some pages to my blog for each of these.

In other news, I believe Marley is going on a growth spurt! She ate 7 oz. at 2PM, 7 more oz. at 4 PM, and then another 7 oz. at 6:20PM! She was just getting so angry with me for each bottle, and each time, they soothed her back to her happy self. She has been somehow scooting herself across our family room. She kind of puts her head down on the carpet, and pushes her feet against the floor at an angle to get a little inch forward. She's doing it really slowly, moving perhaps a couple feet over 20-30 minutes. She really, really wants to go! I am thanking the Lord for each miracle after the other. I had a wonderful phone conversation with our minister from church today and I just loved his ideology that "Miracles don't run out." 

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