Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Physical Therapy 101

We had our first physical therapy appointment today. I think it went really well. The physical therapist found more things that Marley needed to work on than I thought she would! She sees things that I never would have thought could be an issue, but I guess that's why she's the physical therapist! I really like our therapist. Her name is Miss Karen and she has been doing her job for 22 years. That makes me feel really, really good. She has a 16 year old son herself and she's the only person who will ever see Marley, unless there's an emergency for her, of course. I think that's just great! It's a great environment that sees only kids. I already spoke with a few parents in the waiting room and it was soooo nice to speak to a parent that didn't have our exact same diagnosis, but just "gets it." Our list of homework is a little overwhelming, in trying to remember exact positioning of how I should be doing her stretches and other exercises:

Home Activities

1. On her stomach, place small blanket roll under her nipple line.

-  Stretch the front of hips

-  Work on lifting head

-  Put weight through elbows

-  Think about putting weight through buttocks and legs

2. On her side, stretch the back and side of the neck. Also stretch the side of the trunk.

3. Lying on your lap with her head in the middle.

-  Tracking eyes

- Focusing on your face

- Work on turning head to the left and turning eyes to the right.

So this is a lot to work on! I think I will know how to be a physical therapist by the time she's three years old!

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  1. Lindsey - I know you will do great with Marley's homework! Can't wait to see your bag of tricks when we see eachother in a few days(!!!)